Monday, March 8, 2010

Sandra Bullock - Best Actress

You couldn't help but fall in love with Sandra Bullock when you saw her in Love Potion No. 9....but she became one of my favorite American actresses when I saw her perform alongside Keanu Reeves in Speed. Spunky, funny, talented....all words that quickly came to mind when I watched that movie. After which, I was one of those fans who, when I saw her name as one of the leads in a movie, I knew I had to watch it. That is why I was so extremely happy when I watched her win Oscar Gold last night.

Not only did she look lovely, and dressed to win.....her acceptance speech moved me to tears. She graciously thanked each one of the nominees individually. She thanked all those the people in her life that helped her, as well as those that treated her badly. But most of all, she thanked all moms, and especially her deceased Mom. Her mom, like mine, and like any good mother, protected her child. She encouraged her child's dreams and told her if you want to achieve greatness as an artist, you need to work hard and practice. These moms give their children the tools they need to attain their goals, regardless if it means having little time for themselves. In her speech she stated that often times mothers seldom get the thanks they deserve. She is so right. Being a mother is one of the hardest jobs in the world. When we do remember to say thanks Mom, many times it is too late.

Sandra Bullock is a class act and well deserving of the Academy Award. Congratulations to her.