Sunday, August 2, 2009


Birth of Venus - Alexander Cabanel

For several years I kept an online blog.

It captured my day to day activities and gave me an outlet....a way for me to disclose all the thoughts I had tinkering around in my mind. My blog made me happy. I shared my inner-most thoughts on my life. It was extremely liberating to be able to document the things that made me tick and have people who enjoyed my writing comment on it. All was well.

Unfortunately, that all came to an end last November. I started receiving hateful messages on my blog as well as my personal email address. Two commenters in particular felt that I was embellishing the truth. In their words, no one can possibly be that happy, all the time. I tried ignoring the comments. Even deleted them. But the posters wouldn't go away. It was due to these individuals that I decided I would take a break from blogging. I thought "perhaps writing about what makes me happy all the time needs a bit of a break?" In essence, they silenced me.

It has been 9 months since the last time I posted a blog entry. The past few months I have been itching to get back into blogging. I missed it terribly. So I began to reflect on my old blog. What was it about? It was about me. Was it cheery and positive? Yes. This is mainly because I am a positive individual. I choose to take on life as an optimistic. The glass is half full kind of gal. Do I ever feel blue? Of course I do. Who doesn't? But I make a conscious decision to not allow the negatives in life to bring me down. There are more sunny days than there are rainy in life. Why concentrate on the gloomy ones? Not that I quickly dismiss those stormy ones either. In fact, I embrace them. If it were not for them, we could not possibly learn to appreciate the bright picture perfect days. I live for the adages: "Every cloud has a silver lining" & "There is a rainbow after every storm." I truly believe in them.

Today I decided to take the plunge. I sat around for 9 long months and awaited the stirring in my soul to begin documenting life again. Life is beautiful. It is something to be celebrated. There are others who also love life and obtain joy from others positivity as well.

This new blog is my rebirth.....


  1. I'm so glad you're giving it another go, CJ ;) Thanks for sharing the linky!

  2. <3 Welcome back to blogskiland :D Look forward to reading your posts :D. We'll show those haters! *buggles*
    That painting took me back - I remember doing a ink sketch of the cupids/angels and Venus for a art class. <3 it.