Monday, December 20, 2010

Winding Down From the Whirlwind

The last 5 days have been nonstop hustle and bustle in my neck of the woods.

Lil Diva rehearsed every evening working towards opening night and a weekend of performances with a local theatre Youth Ensemble. She had a supporting role and was extremely excited.  Her performance was amazing!  And as the "momager" as she calls me, I had to run her back and forth to rehearsals while juggling little man's set of activities.  The weekend was consumed with entertaining mom and grandma, who came to see the budding actress perform. I also had to dedicate 2 hours of daily curling her hair to Victorian era perfection. I actually shocked myself with the results!

Today was no different....

I spent most of the day on the go.  It started off guessed it...two hours of curling, then dropping her off at the theatre.  Picking up donuts with Lil Man and then assisting in his class with Gingerbread House making project.  It was great being able to spend a few hours dedicated solely to the little guy. He is shuttled around to all of his sister's activities and rarely complains...well he does, but he quickly realizes there is little that can be done about it.

Turning point was a celebratory sushi lunch with Lil Diva after her final performance this afternoon.  She always gets emotional after a final performance because she quickly befriends members of the cast and when you work for several months for hours on end towards a common goal, you are bound to get close.  This show was no different.  The nice part is a local restaurant has generously offered to host and pay for a cast party tomorrow she will get to see her cast mate friends again tomorrow for some much needed down time.

I, for one, am glad that the hustle and bustle involved with a production is over for the time being.  Not to mention all after school activities are on a hiatus for 2 weeks.  This means I get to take a deep breath and relax.  I plan to catch up on my reading.... leisurely peruse my magazines which have been quickly piling up, and being able to just putter around the house and simply enjoy the Christmas season.  I love the end of year wind down. 

I will savor every minute of it....for I know come January 2nd, activities start up again, new production rehearsals go into full swing, and the whirlwind begins all over again.


  1. I cann't stand the way the holidays become to hectic, as opposed to relaxing. On the bright side, Little Diva's hair looks AMAZING!! :)

  2. I thought that was a wig at first and am blown away that you are able to do that with your daughter's hair. So sweet that she gets a party to celebrate the close of the show. Enjoy your downtime, it will be January soon enough!

    xoxo Mary Jo

  3. Whoa. Now THOSE are some gorgeous curls! Great job!