Thursday, August 25, 2011

Been MIA.....

Would be wonderful to say that I was whisked away on a European vacation for the past (almost) month.....

but the reality is....having two thespians in the household is hard work! Both of them performed in a local production of BIG the Musical.  As opening night drew near, the rehearsal schedules became more frequent. They had a blast and did an amazing job.  Here are a couple of pics of them doing what they love to do best....

Lil Man

Lil Diva

Couple the show with making sure they had an enjoyable summer of water parks and amusement parks, hanging out with friends and days at the movies.  There is one thing Mom can say she is.... TIRED! But even still, with the start of the new school year quickly approaching us, I can honestly say I wish I had them on vacation just two weeks more.  They may get at each other when they are together, but being able to spend quality time with them is what I enjoy best.

Can't wait to hear how everyone's summer has been!

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