Thursday, November 3, 2011

It's Been a While.....

Time just seems to escape me these days.  I have been dying to update this wonderful little place I call my own in cyberspace, but have felt so glum.  I didn't want that to come across in my blog.  It's been a rough start of the school year for my little guy and me. I've  been handed so many lemons, I can make enough lemonade to quench the thirst of the whole USA!

I am a non-confrontational person. But in the same token, I am the type of person who can not stand for anyone, children especially, to be treated unjustly.  So this makes for a terrible mix.  In one instance you don't want to cause waves, but in the other, you are forced to in order to make sure your child is being treated fairly. 

After several therapeutic walks and discussions with a dear friend of mine, I have come to terms with the fact that even though we want to respect a teachers method of teaching and disciplining, if we see it is simply not working for our child, we need to speak up.  Letting things go will only escalate the issue and make it grow like a tumbleweed.  Some teachers may feel threatened by what we have to say, but the same way we have to hear them out, they need to hear us parents out too.  The only way both of us will have a successful school year is by working together. 

I have a second meeting this morning.....wish me luck!

Miss all my blogs!  Can't wait to catch up with everyone!


  1. Hope you got everything sorted CJ, these things are sent to try us, but your right that your child comes first. If you need to chat just drop me a message and I can pop on fb chat - not sure it works properly whilst on laptop.

  2. *Meant pop on computer instead of laptop. *slaps self with wet fish*

  3. Hope everything works out, CJ love. Such a touchy situation with teachers, but kids trump everything I say. xoxo

    Sandy at Ooh La Frou Frou
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