Friday, February 26, 2010

A Couple of Quirks & Pet Peeves

Do you have quirks & pet peeves? I am sure you do. I don't think there is a person alive that can say they do not have anything that doesn't make them cringe or that makes you itch to correct the offense. I am no different. My family actually thinks some of mine are quite comical. Here are a couple of mine.....

Cabinet doors & closets must be in the closed position....No IF, ANDS, or BUTS

This has to be one of my biggest issues for as long as I can remember. Did I once think the Boogey Man was peeking at me through the crack of the door, who knows...but I do know, whether I am in my home or am a guest at someones house, if I spy doors open, I have the intense impulse to get up and close them.

Funny story....last year my sister came to visit me from Florida. One day, she thought it would be really funny to pull a prank on me. While I was in the garage, she ran to the kitchen and opened every single one of my cabinet doors. She also decided to open the pantry door as a bonus. I walk back in, take a look to my right as I closed the door and saw the horrible offense. My sister, meanwhile, sat at my dinette table, holding my niece and hiding her face behind her to suppress the laughter. She said the look on my face was for the record books. She compared to the look of shock someone would have when witnessing a bad accident happen before my eyes. "I can't believe you did that!" I shouted. To which she responded "Sit....leave them alone. Don't close them. You can do it. Beat this illness!" I sat across from her for a whole 10 seconds. The sight of the cabinet doors open in my peripheral vision was too much for me to handle. I spran up and closed every single door in probably 5 seconds flat. I just can't stand seeing it open, not even for 2 seconds.

Must have clean and clear countertops

This is one that bothers my man beyond measure. I can not see anything on top of my counters....ever. Countless times hubby has left ads or papers he needs for the next morning on top of the kitchen counter, and I have just as quickly picked them up and put them away, or placed them on our entry table. "WHY! Why can't you just not touch it." he'd ask emphatically. I really and truly don't know why, but it just irks me to see anything on there. Love me as I am....don't try to change me.

What are your pet peeves or quirks? How does it affect those around you?


  1. LOL, CJ! that is quite endaring I must say :D
    Never let me into your home, I ALWAYS leave the kitchen cabinets and pantry open. I think it is because by the time I'm about to open the cabinets my brain is already three steps ahead. Luckily it just amuses my family :)
    This also lead to my starting sentences that I don't finish, or fishing them on a completely different subject, since I'm already thinking of something else. It drives my sister mad :D

  2. Lol! Can just imagine your face! Did you get your revenge?
    Are you the same for drawers not being closed fully? That really bugs me, and my Mam when people leave the draws on the furniture in the shop, a tad a jar.
    Sometimes, I get fixated with an object on the coffee table, and if it's not straight it bugs me. I think it's because I constantly have to be doing something, so sitting still is a challenge lol.
    Along with my Dad leaving his spoon in the yogurt pot, on his lunch plate. And why guys never!!!!! repalce the loo roll o.O.

  3. Oh yes! Same applies for drawers slightly ajar! I think I may suffer from the same condition, can't sit still variety.