Sunday, February 7, 2010

Decisions, Decisions

In late March, my brother will be getting married. I am really happy for him. After searching for so long, he met his soul mate. All of us are extremely excited for him.

Getting married means there will be a wedding. This usually throws me into full blown preparation mode. Luckily for me, everyone in my house, except me, are part of the bridal party. (No, no hard feelings on being left out. I actually am quite is definitely not my color). Tuxedos rented...check. Junior bridesmaid dress purchased...check. This means I can calmly search for my own attire. I managed to find a black halter dress back in October for a song! Only thing I needed to search for were the shoes and accessories. Of course, I had my dream shoes. But due to monetary constraints I had to do the adult thing (stick my tongue out at having to act like an adult) and refrain from purchasing the $200 pair of dream shoes and pick out a more sensibly priced pair. Today I finally found them. And of course, moi, who is always hunting for a bargain found the above $92.99 Nina "Electra" shoes on for $49.99. I think they will go perfect with the dress.

That leaves me with the task of finding accessories to complete the outfit. Any suggestions on where to find beautiful costume jewelery for less?

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