Saturday, August 28, 2010

Stylish Addition

Last year, I went through the exhausting but exhilarating process of redoing Lil. Miss Diva's bedroom.  She had just turned 10 years old that winter and we both knew it was time to transform it into a young lady's room.


I asked her what would she like her room to look like.  After giving it some thought she responded, "Mom, I want my room to have a mature, girly travel theme.  I'd like to visit beautiful far away places some day and I love girly if there is a way to combine the two, I'd like that."

I let her pick out the color for her walls and we agreed on the complimentary colors for her bedding and window treatments and then I went to town.  I spent countless hours scouring online websites, visiting yard sales, little shops, super stores and chatting with online friends of mine for inspiration.  July 3rd, I got down to business.  Lil Miss remained downstairs during the whole process, since she wanted to be totally surprised for the reveal.  She was extremely excited with the end result.


A year later, she is still in love with her room.  She gets many compliments from her friends when they come to visit.  My only desire was to find a lovely chair that would fit the young travel chic decor of her room.  Today, I went to drop off Lil Man at a play date and was chatting with the mom.  She was telling me how she obtained the beautiful furniture she had in her family room.  Out of the blue, she asked me if I would have any use for a white wing back chair. I looked at her and asked, "May I see it?"  She took me to her bedroom where, there in the middle of the room, stood the chair I had only dreamed of getting for her room.

The chair, although slightly smaller, is almost an exact replica of this one:

We plan to wash down the upholstery and place it beside her window.  What a perfect chair to sit and read a book while enjoying the brisk autumn breeze, or for a friend to sit on while visiting.


  1. Wow I like both of these rooms! I wouldn't having the 'after' room :-) And what a great chair, that is just lucky!

  2. I realize that I am far from being ten-years-old, but I would gladly take up residence in either of these bedrooms. The decor is adorbs!! :)

  3. Always thought this was the prettiest transformation, chic and cute. Both of you have great taste, obv passed down from you :)
    What a great find, and fab surprise of the chair, love the style, classic.
    Love the dressing table to, mini drawers ;)

  4. Gorgeous room for a gorgeous girl. That chair will be a totally glamourous addition to the room :)