Monday, September 12, 2011

Monday Muse....

* Schools back in session...miss my Lil Diva & Lil Man, but they are loving school so far....
* Had a stressful week dealing with individuals who should have kids safety in mind, but don't.
* Stood my ground, and had the issue corrected... I am, after all, my child's top advocate.
* Loving the cool fall weather....
* Have a full schedule of after school activities....they begin today!
* Enjoyed the weekend with the family at Six Flags Great Adventures...
* Got an amazing deal for season passes for next year, had to jump on it!
* Started walking around the reservoir again with a great new friend.
* Began a new tradition of giving Lil Diva mani's Sunday afternoons.
* Figured I would do the same too.
* So ready for my sushi date with a great friend.
* Looking forward to the week ahead!

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