Friday, January 15, 2010

Decorating Inspiration

It's that time.

Naturally, like most newlyweds, hubby and I started off with nothing. We rented a beautiful, large, one bedroom co-op apartment in Westchester County with not one piece of furniture. It was a blank slate. Being a goal oriented individual, I knew if I was going to have children, my furniture selections needed to take the abuse children can cause. Not jumping on the sofas, since my two were taught to respect and care for their home. More the 4am, bleary eyed, rocking the child with 102 fever on the sofa while watching yet another rerun of Seinfeld on the television before the "Oh Mommy!" no warning....mess that sofas tend to take. Yes, my family room furniture has been well loved, and it shows!

Our furniture made it's way from the apartment in New York to our first house in the Garden State that we now call home. Twelve years later, it still sits, a bit abused, but proudly in our family room. We decided once I start working again we would give the ground floor of our home a complete overhaul. The room I can not wait to get my hands on is the one we spend most of our family time in.

I have been scouring the internet and perusing home decor magazines for just the right look. One of my favorite shops to browse is Restoration Hardware. The above room always seems to be the one I spend the most time looking at. I love warm neutral colors for my family room. I love decorating with the changing seasons, so neutral colors is the way to go. I love the attached chaise at the end. I can just close my eyes and picture myself curled up with a good book and a throw blanket over my legs enjoying the brief getaway.

I can't wait to get started on the renovation project. I know it will be a tedious task, but one that will be rewarding in the end!

P.S. What are some of your favorite home furniture sites?

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  1. Have fun with the renovation...I absolutely love your choice...I love warm and neutral colors in the living room as well...and that sofa is gorgeous.

    I love browsing on Layla have so many gorgeous furnitures and every kind of's good to dream a little bit :-)

    Have a great week, cheers: Evi