Sunday, January 24, 2010


I couldn't resist anymore....

For the past several months I have been a "good girl" and have worn blinders while walking past the MAC Cosmetics store at the mall. See, MAC makeup is a weakness of mine. But today, 4 months of not purchasing a thing came to an end. I was wooed in by the dashing MAC Pro and 15 minutes later I was dolled up and walked away with a new blush (I needed one anyway) in All's Good, and an eyebrow mascara in Mink.

I have to say I heart the MAC pros.....Had I walked up to the counter I would have never chosen All's Good. I actually said "You're kidding right?" when he came to me with it in his hand. I was thinking, there is no way I can look good in a color that dark. But looks can be deceiving....what looked really dark went on beautifully on my olive complexion. Did I say I heart MAC? Yes, I do!

Today, I walked out of the mall with a skip in my step. I had come out of my makeup drought with two fine purchases! Good day, indeed!

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  1. I'm always a lil wary of getting pounced on by the people on the counters. Esp after a bizarre experience of this guy on the clinque counter, pulling some random faces while concentrating. I was trying not to laugh o.O.
    I was reading in a magazine, although your not obliged to buy, maybe selecting one product at least.
    Would you always feel obliged to buy?
    Hope you've had fun applying your new finds. Here's to pinkies crossed we get all those goodies from the new collection, and that it raises oodles of pennies too.