Saturday, October 30, 2010

{Movie Review} Hereafter

After much deliberating, hubby and I decided to take in Hereafter once we were done with our combination celebratory birthday lunch of shumai, sushi, and tempura ice cream dessert (which, by the way, was absolutely delicious, as always).  Unfortunately we didn't have much options since we are a few weeks shy of the major box office movie release date known as Thanksgiving weekend.

Hereafter was directed by Clint Eastwood and staring Matt Damon as a blue collar worker with special abilities to communicate with people in the afterlife.  It also follows a French journalist, Marie Lelay who escapes death from a tsunami; and a young British boy named Marcus, who is grieving the loss of his twin brother.  The three of their lives intertwine as they search for answers.

I have to be brutally honest....the movie was a bit slow.  There were some good scenes, especially the interaction between Matt Damon's character, George, and Melanie (played by Bryce Dallas Howard), George's culinary class partner.  Without giving away much, there was a scene performed by George and Frankie McLaren that moved both, Mr. Man and I to tears.  These two young boys are very talented and ones to watch out for.

My final thoughts?  This is a movie that you can wait for on video.  The storyline was one many of us ponder....Is there life after death?  But it is definitely a 2 hour movie that is best to watch at home on a rainy day.

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