Tuesday, October 26, 2010

{What a Bargain} In Search of the Perfect Peacoat

Two years ago, I decided I was through with carrying around the last 15 pounds I had left to shed from having my Lil' Man.  Since I had already had much success with the Weight Watchers diet after giving birth to Lil Miss, I knew once I put my mind to it, I would accomplish my goal.  Within 6 months, I was back to the weight I was during my University years.

This was a huge accomplishment.  Although I was extremely excited about dropping 3 dress sizes, my pocketbook was in dire distress.  I couldn't wear clothes that were literally falling off of me.  This meant I had to start acquiring a new wardrobe.  Of course one of the priciest things to replace is outerwear.  Living in the Northeast where we have to wear a coat or a jacket on an average of 7 months out of the year, means we usually have about 4 different types of them in our coat closet.  Last year I replaced the dire essentials....my everyday coat and jacket, and my dress coat.  I decided to leave replacing my peacoat for this year. 

I have been scouring all the websites looking for the perfect one in style and value.  I had seen several updated stylish looking ones which I was tempted to buy but decided against it thinking "The ruffles are cute, but will I eventually say, I want a classic looking one?"  Over the weekend, I went shopping with my mother and came across the one pictured above.  I was instantly drawn to the camel color.  The coat priced originally at $129.95, was on sale for 40% off making it $77.97.  Great deal, right?

Well, keep in mind, I am the bargain shopper.  I remembered I had a store coupon for $35 off the purchase of $75 or more at home.  I decided to call Mr. Man and send him on his bargain shopping mission.  I took a picture of me modeling the peatcoat, jotted down the style number, told him where I kept the coupon at, and sent him on his way.  When the cashier rang Mr. Man up, she even exclaimed "Wow, this is an amazing bargain!"

Final cost for my new peacoat? $42.97

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