Monday, October 4, 2010

{Make Me Up Monday} MAC Venemous Villians of Disney Collection

The day I was anxiously awaiting for had arrived!
Cruella DaVil

MAC launched their Venomous Villians of Disney Limited Edition Collection.  I am sure I have said it many times before, but I am a huge fan of MAC cosmetics.  Yes, you do spend a little more than your average drugstore brand, and Lord knows, I love to save a buck here and there.  But since being introduced to MAC cosmetics by my sister several years ago (she gave me a very generous birthday gift of an array of eyeshadows and a lipstick), I have become a believer that sometimes, you get what you pay for.  I adore the fact that with MAC cosmetics, a little literally goes a long way.
Dr. Facilier

I stopped by my local MAC store several weeks ago to get a new fall shade of lipstick and was told by my MAC girl, Ebony, the launch for the new line would be on October 1st.  She then invited me to reserve my spot for a makeover and try the new products, no purchase necessary. ( you can go for a makeover at MAC and NOT buy any products, :) )  Of course, having seen the line, I happily obliged.

All of the colors were amazing.  I did tend to gravitate towards The Evil Queen.  The makeover was beautiful, as always.  I then carefully made my selections.
Evil Queen

Which two items are not the proud new additions to my makeup bag?


  1. Fab choices, would have picked from the Evil Queen set to, have my beady eye on Cruella fuchsia shade it looks like? - what is Dr. Facilier from?
    Hope it hits the UK shores soon.

  2. Great choice! I bought the Hot House Lipglass in the Evil Queen collection