Thursday, April 14, 2011

{DIY} To See the Senorita, With Flowers in Her Hair

Lil Diva is a bit of a fashionista.

She loves accessorizing, whether it be blingy rings, charm bracelets, necklaces, earrings, name it, she has it.  Her latest fascination has been with flower pins.

I know I may be partial, seeing that she is my daughter and all, but she has been stopped many of times to be complimented on her hair.  So it's no wonder she loves adding pretty accessories to it.  When she first got into the floral kick, we would purchase pins at Claire's. I would balk when I saw the price tags on these very simply made pins.  She purchased a couple and one day I decided to take a closer look at one.  I thought, Wow, this is super easy to make.  I bought the necessary supplies and made one. Super simple.  I even had my girl scout troop make their own for a project.  Yesterday, Lil Diva was looking at her wardrobe and realized she could use certain colors. So what did we do? Stopped at our local craft store and found some pretty flowers, of course.

Supplies needed:

Your choice floral stems
felt (any color, I use a dark brown or black to match her hair)
box of single prong hair clips
glue gun
glue sticks

- First thing first... plug in your glue gun, insert the glue stick.  You want the glue nice and hot for maximum adhesiveness.
 - Take your flowers and  pull the flowers off their stem.  That's right pull, one gentle tug and they are out.

- If there is still a bit of stem left on your flower, cut it with the scissors so the back of the flower is pretty much flat.

- Next, cut two strips of the felt. one about 1/2 an inch wide, and another strip about 3/4 inch.  Depending on the flower, you will cut the 3/4 inch strip large enough to cover the inner circle of the back of the flower.  Adhere it to the flower.  I do this in order to give the flower a flush area to adhere the pin to.

- Adhere a strip of glue to the outside prong of the hair clip. For this I suggest you hold the pin in the open position and quickly place the flower onto it.  No worries on how long you have to keep it open since hot glue dries rather quickly. Once it is dry you can put a strip onto the 1/2 inch strip, open the pin again and glue it onto the underside of the open clip and the felt.  This will help secure the flower in place.

The finished product:

And the third one:

I hope this has inspired some of you to make your own floral hair pins to add to your Spring and Summer accessories.

P.S. Did I mention that it only took me 15 minutes total to make these 3 beauties?

Have fun!


  1. Thanks for stopping by CJ!! It's so funny because you made me smile with your wonderful comments and then I started going through your blog to see that you read our magazine "Laura U|MAG" and you know Shannon. Coincidentally, I am the editor of the mag, so its such a small world!! Go figure :-)

  2. It is really a good idea, I will gone try this for my daughter. She love this kind of accessories.
    dean graziosi

  3. How beautiful, darling!
    Great idea!


  4. Cute project! I love my glue gun and have found it to be most useful in such a variety of craftiness adventures! {now I have the “Flowers in her hair, flowers everywhere…” song in my head :) }

  5. Fantastic make - utterly gorg in L's hair. Loving the colours you chose, esp the purple. Go flower power! :D

  6. Ooh, what a perfect DIY for spring - love it!! :)

  7. So easy and cute! These look so perfect in L's hair :)