Sunday, April 17, 2011

{Weekend Highlights}

What an amazing weekend!  It's Sunday evening and I can barely keep my eyes open.  I suppose that has a lot to do with the whirlwind of a weekend I had the very fortunate opportunity of having.

What did I do, you might ask?

* Watched local H.S. production of RENT. 
(casting was spot on, and the kids were uber talented!)
* Enjoyed a 2 hour Saturday afternoon nap.
* Cozy dinner with Lil Diva at a popular sushi bar.
* Saw a spectacular performance of ANNIE.
* Had a harrowing car drive home in torrential downpours, with thunder & lightning.
(not a happy thing, but it did afford me with the opportunity to practice curbing
my anxiety of driving in the elements...which brings me that much closer to 
conquering that fear.)
* After a stormy Saturday night, waking up to an abundance of sunshine!
* Amazing Palm Sunday mass at church.
* Spending the entire day experiencing the thrills of Six Flags Great Adventures
with Mr. Man, Lil Diva, & Lil Man, perfect family time!

Hope everyone had a spectacular weekend! Wishing you an amazing and productive week ahead.

Photo via Pinterest


  1. WOW! You DID have a busy weekend, sweetie ... but it all sounds wonderful (except that nasty storm ... I don't like driving in those either). Hope your week is just as nice! xo

  2. Fabulous image! And it sounds like you had an even more wonderful weekend! (although the storm sounds scary--I'm terrified of driving in bad weather). The weather here was beyond beautiful but I was stuck indoors for most of it. Hope you're off to a great week!

    xo Mary Jo