Friday, June 24, 2011

Embracing the Unexpected

Lil Diva and I had our day all planned out.  In fact, we had this day planned since the beginning of May.  We would wait till school ends and enjoy a Mom/Daughter day in NYC.  The pièce de résistance ..... the Savage Beauty: Alexander McQueen exhibit at The Metropolitan Museum of Art.  It was all she talked about for weeks. 

The date was selected...Monday, June 20th, 2011.  Outfits were carefully chosen, purses stocked.  My father in law dropped us off in front of the museum steps and we quickly walked up to the door, eagerly anticipating the beautiful frocks we were about to see.  A tug of the door and ...locked! What? Maybe they want you to walk in through a specific door.  We tried the next one. Same thing.  I approached the security guard and he calmly stated "The museum is closed on Mondays". Oh no!  How could I have possibly not realized that?  The excitement of school being over and finally getting to see this exhibit, I didn't even think to check, or remembered for that matter, we can not make plans to visit the MET on a Mondays!

Lil Diva was crestfallen. I could see her eyes watering.  I felt terrible.  I know how much this meant for her.  She adores fashion and this day meant so much. " I really wanted to see this Mom.  I'm so sad. What are we going to do?"  My mind was racing to think of something just as exciting to do with our day. Of course being disappointed myself, I couldn't think of anything at the moment. So I called Mr. Man and he searched the internet, and found the perfect solution. 

One thing I may have not mentioned yet on my blog is how I came up with Lil Diva's nickname.  No, she does not make outlandish demands or prances around acting as though she is entitled to everything.  Quite the contrary.  She is a very well mannered, bright, mature young lady.  To the point she sometimes can't relate as well to her peers, most of which act like typical 12 year olds. Her alias comes from her fierce aspiration to become an actress.  Her determination has no bounds, so Lil Diva seemed perfect.

Mr. Man saved the day by recommending we go to NBC studio tour.  This peaked Lil Diva's interest.  Especially since the tour went into background information on how cameras worked, how they "trick" the audience into thinking there are more people in the studio audience than is actually there.  The careers that have taken off from being involved in Saturday Night Live, how long it takes to tape a season and so much more.  When the tour was over she said with a huge smile on her face,  "This was great!"  (When we met up with Mr. Man later that afternoon, she thanked him for the wonderful new plans he recommended).

The rest of the day consisted of a picnic lunch in Rockefeller Plaza, frozen hot chocolates from Serendipity, and explored FAO Schwartz.  We will be returning to NYC in a couple of weeks on a Wednesday instead, to see the Alexander McQueen exhibit.  But this past Monday's unexpected turn of events proved that we never know what new things we can discover when plans change suddenly.  It afforded Lil Diva with a valuable lesson....embrace the unexpected.

photo via WeheartIt

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