Monday, June 27, 2011

{What a Bargain} Sonia Kashuk

It never fails.

I go into Target (or Tar-Jay as we lovingly call it), with the intentions of having tunnel vision and just picking up the two things I required from them.  The zebra printed sheet set for Lil Diva's bed, and Lil Man's Pediasure (long story short...he has the worst appetite, and he has been prescribed to drink two servings of it per day in order to insure he has all the necessary nutrients).   

So far so good.... I have made it past the dollar spot...past the jewelry section, and almost made it past cosmetics when I see a woman walking past me with a friend, holding in her hands the cute teal colored box walking past me.  My savvy bargain hunter vision has also spotted the red and white sale tag on the corner of her box.  All this takes place in mere nano-seconds really.  So instead of turning left towards the section where the Pediasure is located at, I veer right, straight towards cosmetics. One adorable box is on the shelf....with the sale sticker affixed to it.

I had seen this brush set reviewed and recommended in several magazines throughout the Spring.  Even a few of the make up blogs I follow mentioned it back in March.  Seems the thoughts were unanimous, these brushes were great for the price.  The set almost made it home with me a couple of times between April and May, but I always seemed to put it back when I saw something else I could spend my $24.99 on.

Lucky thing I did!  This bargain shopper got this set with 7 amazing brushes and a cute storage clutch which was the last one sitting on the shelf for an amazing 50% off the regular price!  For those that frequent the Sonia Kashuk section of Target, you know this an awesome deal.  They very rarely markdown these items, if ever.

$12.49! Now that's a bargain! Seems fate had a hand and knew I just had to have it!

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  1. Wow, amazing deal CJ! It's hard to find a good makeup brush for $12, much less a whole set--and I love the cute container. I think well worth the detour, but I seriously relate and try not to even stop in Target, otherwise I will walk out with all kinds of stuff I didn't know I needed until I stopped in lol.

    xo Mary Jo