Friday, June 10, 2011

{TGIF} Busy Week = Busy Weekend

I don't think I have ever TGIF as I have this one.

This week went by in a whirl of activities.  Two late nights at the theater for dress rehearsal for Lil Diva's much anticipated dance recital, subsequent dress rehearsals for Lil Man's drama recital.... both of which are taking place this weekend.  (Thankfully, on two separate days....imagine if it were on the same day! I shudder to think.)  Add to that, having to deal with Lil Diva on the brink of a meltdown....her teachers decide to give them not one, not two, but THREE projects to complete by today.  So in between shuttling them from one activity to the next, I have been running to craft stores picking up the necessary supplies and defusing a preteen time bomb that was just waiting to go off.

Did I mention all this needed to be done during the stifling heatwave that hit the Northeast this week?  Every cloud has a silver lining, right?  The heatwave forced the schools to dismiss early, which meant Lil Diva had an extra 2 hours a day to complete all the projects.  This morning she left with a huge smile on her face, confident and proud she met the deadline.  That is something I cherish especially when it comes to school work.

Though the weekend will be just as busy as the week, I am most looking forward to it.....

* Watching my Lil Man take the stage to show off the acting skills he has picked up this year.
* The awe I am always in when seeing the gracefulness & beauty of Lil Diva dancing.
* Spending time with my Mom & Grandma.
* Dinner at our  favorite Japanese restaurant with my In-Laws.
* The official end of after school extra curricular activities for the year.

Last night's thunderstorm washed away not only the heat, but the flurry of activities of the last few days, leaving in its wake cooler temperature and the renewed anticipation of a beautiful weekend to come.

Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend!
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  1. Have a great weekend - sounds like it will be!

  2. Hope you had a wondeful weekend, sweetie. I love Japanese food as well! Kisses

  3. Sounds like a fabulous weekend was planned ... hope you had fun and time to relax sweetie! xoxo