Tuesday, June 7, 2011

{Movie Review} Double Feature

*Sigh* Johnny Depp!  

OK, I've gained my composure.... Johnny Depp reprises his role yet again as Captain Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean 4- On Stranger Tides and just when one may think, OK this is the fourth movie, this is surely getting old....trust me, it is not.  Gone is Keira Knightley and Orlando Bloom, but filling the vacant spot of starring opposite Johnny is the beautiful and talented Penelope Cruz.  She stars as Angelica, a jilted former paramour of Jack who is also on the quest to find the Fountain of Youth.  

Without giving too much away, I can say this is another Disney hit.  But then again, can any production company go wrong when hiring the extremely versatile Johnny Depp?  (You can tell I am irrevocably in love with this man?). It is filled with action, laughs, suspense and mermaids!  A definite must see on the big screen.

Tip: It seems almost every movie is being toted in 3D as well.... I saw this in 3D because it was the only one showing at the time I went. There are certain movies where you want to be immersed completely into the action... for this one, it is definitely not necessary.  Save yourself the extra couple of dollars and watch it without the special specs.

The Wolfpack is back indeed!

This comedy has definitely earned it's $205 million worldwide. I admit, I went into this movie last weekend with Mr. Man expecting to come out mildly disappointed.  Let's face it, sequels generally don't go over well.  Especially when the sequel is using the exact same premise.  Three friends waking up with terrible hangovers, a friend missing, and no recollection of what happened during their night of bachelor partying.  In this case, two friends missing!  The guys retrace their steps to discover they literally took Bangkok by storm.

One word for this movie....Hilarious!

Like the first, it is jam packed with adult humor. It merits it's R rating, that's for sure. Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms, and Zach Galianakis have an undeniable chemistry together.  It literally leaves you wanting more.  Everyone has asked me, "Is it better than the first?"  My answer can only be, It is just as good.  It is hard for me to compare the two since the location and hijinx are so starkly different, but I can say this, If you enjoyed the first one, you will definitely love the second. 


  1. Great reviews - I am definitely making time to see both of these. J Depp has mastered the smoky eye!

  2. Love that you covered these CJ! I definitely want to see the new Pirates, the story line sounds great and I love Penelope!!! {and of course Johnny}

    xo Mary Jo