Friday, July 2, 2010

Favorite Finds

I just love when I stumble upon new things....

During my day trip in NYC, I just had to pay a visit to my all time favorite cupcake bakery, Crumbs.  Typically, their Red Velvet cupcake screams my name each time I go there.  But this time, a newbie boldly told me "CJ, trust me, you want to give me a try.  You will definitely be blown away when you sink your teeth into me."  I am not shy to trying something new and decided to respond...."Let's see what you got!"

Tiramisu cupcake was....OUT...OF....THIS.....WORLD!!!!

My mouth waters just thinking of how incredibly delicious this cupcake was.  I actually raved about it so much to Mr. Man, he can't wait to try one.  Hopefully, he will bring one home for me too so I can experience the tasty goodness all over again.

Everyone knows I am a MAC girl.  But that doesn't mean I do not take a peek into other shops like SEPHORA.  The closest Sephora to me is the itty bitty one located in JC Penney.  No fun, since they do not offer everything a stand alone shop has to offer.  The little people who accompanied me in my recharge trip to NYC all groaned when we turned a corner on our way to lunch and saw the Sephora store beckoning me on 67th and Third.  I compromised, I told them "I will take you to lunch first, then if you let me take a peek in this "candy store", I will take you for cupcakes!"  They quickly agreed, unbeknown st to them that I was going to take them to Crumbs regardless.

Luckily I did take a peek.  I found the above headband.  You can match it to your hair color and looks so natural, as though you took the time to actually braid a piece of hair and create this hairstyle.  A wonderful summer accessory whether you are wearing it to the beach or out to dinner.  And for the tune of $10, it is extremely affordable.

Happy Friday Everyone!

Photos: Crumbs, Sephora


  1. Mmmmm that cupcake looks AMAZING!!! That alone calls for a NYC trip! haha

  2. Oh I wish I could have a cupcake like that right now!
    p.s. I use random number generator for my giveaways and #1 has definitely won a few times!
    Have a great 4th of July weekend!
    xo Mary Jo

  3. omg, I almost took a bite outta the computer screen! That cupcake looks scrumptious.

    Whoa. Great minds! I have that exact headband! No doubt we'd get in crazy trouble if we were to go shopping together ;)

  4. That cupcake looks and sounds amazing!


  5. A tiramisu cupcake? Oh, that sounds heavenly. Sounds like you enjoyed your trip to the city and your plans for this weekend sound lovely - the beach, fireworks and sangria - perfect way to celebrate the 4th. Have a wonderful time.