Monday, July 12, 2010

Sweet Finds

What do you do when you have 2 hours to yourself, and $30 to spend?

Well, if you are me, you try to figure out how far you can stretch $30. I decided I would take a trip to the mall.  I must have been one eager beaver because when I arrived I thought there was something terribly wrong.  All the stores were closed.  No worries, I just arrived 15 minutes prior to the start of the business day.   I decided to stop at Starbucks and get a Caramel Frappachino....just the energy boost I needed to decide which stores I wanted to visit.

I vowed I would not take out the plastic.  This meant I could not go over my allotted $30. My only cushion was $2 (my change from Starbucks). What did I get?

@ Forever 21
Loved this T.  It's a lovely blush color, of course, but the details on the sleeves are so girly and delicate.  If you look closely you can see pretty pleating and gatherings.  The hanger does no justice for it. $6.50

@ Forever 21

Seems like blush was the color of the day.  I spied this adorable 3/4 sleeve crop cardigan on the sale rack. And since I was wearing a cami today, tried it on, on the spot.  Loved it.  One look at the price tag, and the decision was made! $4.99

@ ALDO's
A pair of sandals were just calling my name as I passed ALDO's to Starbucks at the start of my adventure.  But I thought, there is no way I am going to find anything within my budget in there.  Went to peruse the Macy's shoe sale rack, nothing.  I was about to walk out the Macy's exit when I realized...I didn't park on this side of the mall! Through Macy's I went and out into the mall area....I had to pass ALDO's to get to the exit where my vehicle was parked. Again the sandals started taunting me....CJ....CJ....  Oh, well, what can looking at the price tag and laughing do to me right?  I walked in and it was then I noticed a sign...SALE up to 75% off.  A smaller sign on the shelf where the sandals were calling me from stated $19.99. I asked the sales woman if she had my size in these sandals and sure enough, she did!  I came home with these pretties!

My grand total for my finds today? $31.48.  Sweet finds indeed!


  1. Now that's a successful shopping day! Those sandals are wonderful - great find. I hope your week is off to a great start and congratulations on winning Trust Your Style's giveaway. =)

  2. CJ,

    I wanted to check in with you as I am looking for readers to spotlight in my newsletter. I would love for you to contribute. All you have to do is answer the three following questions:

    What luxuries do you include in your day to day life?

    What luxuries do you hope to enjoy in the future?

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    If you'd like to participate, just email me your responses by this Wednesday evening.

    Give this some thought and let me know.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    One more thing, I've added your blog(link) to my lovely blogs list as well. Keep up the good work - I do enjoy stopping by throughout my week.

  3. Wow, congrats! Such amazing finds...and the prices are incredible...Love the short's lovely!

    Have a fabulous summer my dear!

    Cheers: Evi

  4. Great finds--especially those sandals! I love finding deals at the Mall!

    xo Mary Jo

  5. Hi! You just won my giveaway!!!! Yay!!!!

    Please email me at with your mailing address! ;)

  6. Good God, that's a serious amount of cuteness for 30 bucks! You should teach a class in thrifty shopping, my friend :)

  7. What great finds! Love those shoes :)

    Sooo happy to hear that you tried the soup and that it was delicious! Thanks for sharing that with me! My hubby keeps asking me to make it again; it's definitely a keeper!!

    Delightful Bitefuls

  8. Excellent finds! love the colour <3 Sweet deal indeedy.