Monday, July 26, 2010

Lazy Monday

There is no better way to spend a lazy Monday afternoon than sitting with my laptop at a Starbucks cafe catching up on all my favorite blogs.

My weekend was really busy but enjoyable for the most part.  My brother and his family came down for a 3 day visit.  I was able to spend quality time with my beautiful niece.  It never fails, I am always rendered speechless to observe how quickly children grow!  Is she really 18 months already?  We all spent the better part of the day at the beach on Sunday enjoying the hot weather, sand and amazing waves.  I was so exhausted by the fun in the sun, I promptly fell asleep by 8pm!

This morning, we all ate breakfast together and said goodbye to my brother and his family and thanked them for their visit.  They enjoyed the beach so much, they are planning to come back up again in August.  With the house back in order after entertaining family for the weekend, it is back to the usual.

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.  Have a wonderful week!


  1. Sounds like a wonderfully full and busy weekend. What better way to unwind and get back into the groove than at a coffee shop with your laptop. Sounds wonderful.

    By the way, just realized that you are MS_NYC on Twitter. I apologize for not realizing that sooner. Thank you for all of the retweets from the past. And enjoy your leisurely day - sounds like you most certainly are deserving. =)

  2. I'm glad you had such a fun weekend! That picture makes me want to go to Paris - I just love wasting time in the chic cafes there!

  3. Ah, good times. It's lovely to meet up with family, and surprising how time flies by, perfect day - the beach :). But, do you feel it restores you in a way, hard to describe, I suppose a family is like a giant jigsaw, and things click back into place.
    Glad you had a wonderful, yet busy time ;) Always the case on family meet ups. I've just said bye to family today, miss them already.
    Love the image - sipping tea or maybe hot chocy never looked so chic until that piccy :D