Tuesday, November 9, 2010

45 Days Till Christmas!

And with that, I am ecstatic to say, Lil Miss & Lil Man's Christmas shopping is officially done!   I already picked up presents for my nephew and nieces. So this means I only have the few adults on my list to shop for.  I do not have to venture into the toy sections or tween clothing stores at all during the Christmas rush!

Has anyone else started their Christmas shopping?


  1. Good for you, darling!
    I haven't even started thinking about Christmas shopping yet!


  2. Unlike you, my sweet, I haven't even started MY shopping so when you said 45 days till Christmas I felt a little surge of panic go through me (yikes!) I'm SOOOO busy this year that I'm actually looking forward to January! Seriously, I love Christmas ... every year I somehow get it all done! xoxo

  3. Holidays are coming!!!!! :D You don't want to help me with mine do you? lol.
    Always the shopping pro ;)