Thursday, May 26, 2011

{Movie Review} Thor

Growing up with a comic book enthusiast for a brother, I suppose being a fan of comic book characters come to life in movies is only natural.  Of course everyone knows the stories of the more popular comic book superheroes like Superman, Spiderman, and Batman.  Seeing the lesser talked about characters stories made into feature films is refreshing.  (Who really needs a Spiderman and Superman reboot when it hasn't even been 10 years since the last reboot was done?)

The movie tells the story of Thor, the God of Thunder, an arrogant positioned to become the next King of Asgard... that is, until he defiantly goes against his father, King Odin's rules and wages a war against the Frost Giants of Jotenheim putting himself and his friends in danger.  King Odin is forced to intervene in order to save the lives of Thor, his brother, Loki, and his friends, breaking the truce between the two realms.  As punishment for his defiance, Thor is stripped of his powers and banished to Earth along with his hammer, the mjolnir, which now cannot be wielded by anyone unworthy of it's power.

Penny for my thoughts?  

I thought the movie was good, but not great. The costumes and special effects were good, but I think the movie didn't have the "wow factor" of other comic book movies.  I think the story line lacked more superhero worthy excitement and suspense.. Chris Hemsworth was the perfect actor for the role and he was wonderful eye candy.  It is definitely a movie I would recommend  to wait and watch on DVD.

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