Wednesday, May 19, 2010

If Money Were No Object

I would be wearing this and taking in a Wednesday matinee show on Broadway.

A girl can dream....


  1. Such the cutest outfit, love combination.
    What would be your choice of matinee?
    Did you hear about the follow up to Phantom?

    Pinkies crossed for that lotto win ;) I tried scratch cards the other day, won £2.00, tried two more cards, and won back my original £1.00 ha. We'll get that fab wardrobe one day, ready for globe trotting and holidaying in Cinnabar ;)

  2. Likely be Chicago or Addams Family. I am anxiously awaiting the sequel to Phantom! I told Mr. Man that is what I want for my to see the show. It doesn't premiere here till November, I think. How is it doing on the West End?

  3. :o Addams Family!! That would be cool.
    I'm not sure about the sequel box office wise. Andrew L webber has been on a few shows, and previewed the main love theme. My mind escapes me for the singers name. I think it's a song that will grow a favour to over time, but it's so hard to take the original tunes out of your mind.