Friday, May 28, 2010

Sweet Find

I had the pleasure of spending the day with my Madre yesterday.  We are alike in many areas, but one.  She loathes shopping.  Yes, I know.....AGHAST!  I am her definitive polar opposite in that aspect.  I could live in a mall if I had the means necessary for it!  She hates it so much that when I was old enough to go shopping by myself, she would give me a few hundred bucks, her clothing and shoe sizes and tell me "Here, go get me some new clothes".  She said even from a wee girl, she knew I had an eye for fashion and what looks good on people.

When she arrived, she gave me a kiss and admired the stylish t-shirt I was wearing over my skinny jean capris.  "Where did you get that pretty top from?" she asked.  "Oh I got this from NY & Co....on sale, of course" I replied.  That's another thing..... I am an extremely savvy shopper.  I know when all the stores have their markdowns and I subscribe to all the websites so I am the first to know when they will be having a sale.  "Mom, I just got a discount card....if you purchase $75 worth of items.  You can have it if you'd like" I said.  She agreed, only if I picked out everything...."You know how much I hate shopping" she said.  Of course, you did not have to tell me twice!  I had my purse in hand and was out the door before she finished the sentence.

We arrived at the store and I went around picking out all tops for her, since she said she had plenty of bottoms at home.  We make our way to the checkout line when I spot from the corner of my eye this jacket (posted above). But what attracted me even more was the price card above it.  I gravitated towards it and my mom followed, knowing I must have spotted something really good to step out of the line.  I looked at the original price tag on it.... $89.95.  "Mom, can you believe the price on this?" I told her with a look of awe.  "That can't be right" she said.  I immediately tried it on and loved the jacket even more. The hanger does no justice for it.  But worn, over a woman's natural curves, wow.  She said at that price, I would be a fool not to take it and even offered to pay for it.

How much did we pay for this cool jacket I will be sporting come the fall over jeans and a t-shirt or cami?

$9.95.........Sweet find, indeed!


  1. That's such a great find! I've been looking for a motorcycle jacket and never found the right one. $9.95 might make it the right one! I also used to shop for my mom in high school--funny!

    Hope you have a great weekend!
    xo Mary Jo

  2. That is the deal of the century! It was meant to be yours, calling to you!
    You should seriously be a personnel shopper ;) Would love one day to go shopping with you! :D

  3. Wow Mary Jo, that is funny!

    Elfie- Perhaps when we meet up in London we can go on a shopping excursion together. Now that will be impressive.....being able to be a savvy shopper even out of my territory! :D

  4. Oh that would be fabulous! I better get saving now ;) London won't know what hit it lol! Bargain hunting we shall go ;)