Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Guilty Pleasure- Magazines

Clearly this isn't only a guilty pleasure....but an obsession....

Yes, these are all subscriptions.  I know, you would probably guess that my postman hates me.  I assure you, he gets a really nice card around the holidays. 

I love magazines.  I remember the very first time I purchased one.  It was a magazine called YM (Young Miss).  I was 13 years old.  I bought it from a corner newsstand located right under the No. 4 train station across the street from the Armory at the Kingsbridge Avenue stop.  It was the first time my mother was allowing me to take the train by myself to go visit my dad.  Having been born and raised in NYC, I had taken the subway many times before and knew which stops I had to change trains.  Seeing that we have to be street smart when growing up in NYC, my mom told us "Don't stare at people....and always take something you can busy yourself with like a book or a magazine so that you don't inadvertently stare at someone while lost in your own thoughts".  In all the excitement to take the subway by myself, I left the book I had preselected to read to occupy my time during my first "all by myself" train ride.  Not wanting return home and having $10 in my pocket, I stopped and bought my magazine. 

Hence, my unhealthy obsession with magazines was born.  I subscribe to all of my favorites because....really, it's the most cost effective.  $3.99-$4.99 an issue versus a mere $1 each with a subscription....I would be foolish to purchase one at the bookstore every month.

What are your favorite, must have magazines?

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  1. Makes complete sense to me. I too have always had a love for magazines. They are an opportunity to find quick inspiration and, as you said, perfect for those moments when you just want to look busy but actually be interested in what you are ready. Unlike a book which requires full attention (don't get me wrong I love books, but sometimes you just need to let your mind be free. Have a lovely weekend and thanks for stopping by!