Thursday, June 10, 2010

For the Love of Cupcakes

Everyone that knows me personally, know that I adore baking.  Particularly, cupcakes. I love getting pretty foils or liners, then taking out my cake decorator and pipping on yummy, rich, buttercream frosting. And if the mood arises, I dip them in sprinkles.  Having one at the end of the day always brings a smile to my face.

A couple of years ago, Mr. Man called me and practically gushed about this cupcake he just ate. "There are no words for it, you have to try it" he said.  So he brought home a little bag from Crumbs Bake Shop with the delicious treat.

One thing you should know....when we typically think of the size of a cupcake, we picture a delectable morsel you can consume in 3 bites, tops. This is not true when it comes to Crumbs cupcakes.  Their cupcakes are enormous!

After dinner that evening, I poured myself a tall glass of milk and sat down with my red velvet cupcake to watch a television show.  I can't even tell you what I was watching, because once I took one bite out of my treat, I was in a sweets euphoria. The cake was so moist and the cream cheese frosting was to die for.

Ever since then, I have been addicted to their creamy goodness. 

If you are ever in NYC (or CA) and see a Crumbs Bake Shop, run, don't walk, inside for a little taste of cupcake heaven!


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  1. Ohhh now I have yet another reason why I want to go to New York!

    "The cake was so moist and the cream cheese frosting was to die for." Nomnomnom.

    Happy Saturday:)