Sunday, June 27, 2010

There Is No Such Thing As.... IMPOSSIBLE

photo: weheartit

Impossibilities are merely things which we have not yet learned.  - Charles W. Chestnutt

Four years ago, my MIL gave me a gift for Christmas which I have been wanting to get myself, yet never worked the nerve to buy it.  I have to admit, the reason I didn't purchase it for myself was simple. I was intimidated by it.   How could I even stand a chance against a piece of machinery that can put forth such beauty when I have never even taken a class on using it?  I opted out of that class during high school in order to take cooking for my home economics elective.  I would sit and watch my MIL handle this machine with such ease, that one day I wistfully said with a sigh "I'd love to learn how to create beautiful things like you."

The present I opened that Christmas morning?  A Singer sewing machine.

I was in awe at first.  That emotion was quickly replaced by sheer terror.  I told my MIL, I don't think I would ever be able to use this gift.  Her response?  "You will never know unless you try."  This coming from a woman who is known to be pessimistic. I couldn't help but wonder.... can I truly learn how to make beautiful things to wear with this myself?

I played with remnants and made itty bitty blankets for Lil Miss' dolls at first. Then I made pillow cases.  Two years ago I ventured into making brocade stuffed pumpkins to decorate a mantel shelf I have in my living room.  This year I have decided, enough is enough.  I am done with baby steps. I have decided I will walk confidently into my local fabric store on Monday and purchase a simple pattern, some fabrics, and matching threads and make what I always wanted to create with it.  

This summer I choose to challenge myself.  I will learn to do something I have always wanted to master.  There is nothing more rewarding than facing your fears and overcoming them.


  1. ooh good luck with it! I'm hopeless with a sewing machine! xx

  2. You'll have to post your creations ;) Have nothing to fear!
    Which pattern did you choose??
    Sewing can be relaxing when you get into it can't it? - time whizz's past. I'm happy if i managed to create a straight line lol.
    I'm thinking been thinking for a bit that i'd like to make my own clothes, partly out of the frustration I can never find anything that fits, and when I do i don't like the pattern.

    Good Luck with projects <3

  3. And you will be successful. The thrill of creating your own designs whether they be clothing or things for the home is fun, albeit at times frustrating, but when those kinks get worked out it feels great. Enjoy the process. =)

  4. You can do it, CJ! Given my fashion design degree, I always joke that I have a $30K degree in sewing :P It's truly a dying art as so much sewing work is outsourced these days, and most young people aren't interested in acquiring it as a skill. Let me know if you need any tips. I'd be happy to help :)