Sunday, September 19, 2010

{Weekend Highlights}

Is it Sunday evening already?

It seems as though I jumped on a carousel ride which hasn't stopped for over 6 weeks!  Finally, it has slowed down to a non-dizzying pace.  Thankfully!  The best part is, it's been well worth it.  Now, I can begin to relax and breathe again.

This weekend highlights:

*   Lil Diva performed for the very first time with a well known production company.  She did an amazing job, and as she said "was not even one bit nervous".

*   We always mark the official end of summer with a visit to our local seafood festival.  Although this year the visit was short and sweet, we were able to dine on our tried and true favorites: Sweet Potato Seafood Crab Cakes, and calamari.
*  Hubby and I went out for an early celebratory anniversary dinner to The Melting Pot.  Funny how you can spend 3 hours there and not even notice it.  We had an amazing time and left pleasantly stuffed.

Hope everyone had a delightful weekend!  Have a great week!

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  1. Those crab cakes look amazing! Sounds like you have a lovely weekend. And happy anniversary! :)