Monday, March 14, 2011

{Movie Review} The Adjustment Bureau

Even though my weekend was a really busy one, Mr. Man and I carved out some time to take in a movie at the theater.  We were intrigued to watch The Adjustment Bureau by the suspenseful trailer.

The movie opens with David Norris making his last minute visits to the public (played by Matt Damon)the days leading up to Election Day. But on the morning of the big day, the unimaginable happens.  An indiscretional photo is published by the New York Post along with a story of him being involved in a bar fight, which makes the voters question whether or not they should be voting for the young Congressman.  His dreams for the Senate seats slip through his fingers as he realizes the two moments of poor judgement have come back to haunt him.  He goes to the men's restroom of the Waldorf Astoria to practice his concession speech.....without realizing that he is not alone in the room.  After listening to him for a while, Elise (played by Emily Blunt) decides to come out of hiding.  She gives him the courage to go out and face the public and give what would be the best concession speech in history, but before parting she gives him a kiss that blows him away.

The movie then moves forward a few weeks later....where we are introduced to a group of mysterious men wearing hats discussing the plan to make certain someone spill their coffee on themselves at 9:05am.  Harry, the youngest of the group, states he will be sure it happens as soon as he walks through the park.  However, Harry is snoozing on the bench and misses his opportunity.  Harry runs after M6 bus that David has just boarded. After paying his fare and turning to find a seat he is pleasantly surprised to see the beauty who kissed him in the men's room the evening of his Senate defeat.  They have a warm exchange and before she gets off the bus, David gets Elise's number.  When he arrives at work he stumbles upon a series of bizarre events he was never meant to witness.....

We are then treated to a multitude of plot  twists and great suspense.  You can't help but leave the movie wondering: Are events that go on in our own lives based on chance, fate, or coincidence?  Or have all of them been predetermined for us?   More importantly, this film enlightens the viewer to believe in the ever beautiful proverb.... "True Love is Always Worth Fighting For".

This is one movie I would say is definitely worth watching!


  1. Sounds like a good one for a dinner/movie double date with friends soon! xo

  2. I was wondering about this movie--sound like a good one! Glad you had a chance to escape for some romantic time too!

    xo Mary Jo