Sunday, March 13, 2011

What Lies In Store This Week......

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!

Mine was really busy.... Lil Diva and Lil Man are in the final stages of preparation for their stage performance, so I have been busy getting them to and from rehearsals all weekend.  I've also been organizing myself for Lil Diva's 12th birthday, which happens to be on the very same weekend.  But that doesn't mean I didn't get to also add in some fun stuff....  I also have some fun topics to blog about this week, can't wait to get to it!  Here's a sneak peek.

* Saw not one, but two movies at the theater this weekend (will be reviewing one tomorrow).

* Snagged an awesome text message coupon for Gap and picked up two great pieces (one of which may seem like dejavu to some of you, lol) to add to my Spring wardrobe (more on that Tuesday).

* Picked up some supplies for some beautiful, but inexpensive DIY party decorations.

* Have another Martha Stewart recipe to share...this time for a very rich and delicious hot morning (afternoon, or evening) beverage.  Only one word can describe it..... decadent!

Wishing everyone a productive and exciting week ahead!

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