Thursday, March 31, 2011

{Wardrobe Basics} The Denim/Jean Jacket

There was a time....long, long ago, in which the only way you wore a jean jacket was with matching jeans. So 80's!

But my, has the denim jacket come a long way baby!

I have owned several jean jackets. In the 80's it was the acid washed one (I actually saw a pic of it the other day....What was I thinking?!?!?)  In the 90's it was the boyfriend one....quite in which I took from my then boyfriend, now husband.  And then in the early 2000's I pretty much was more interested in dressing up Lil Diva in fashionable little outfits, I had no time to even think about adding a new denim jacket to my wardrobe.

Until now.....

I have always loved the casualness of throwing on a jean jacket with a cute summer dress.....

Or, pairing it up with leggings...

Cargo Pants....


and of course, jeans....

***Disclaimer.....I did mention before that Rachel Bilson is one of my fave style icons....that being the reason she is featured so much here. ***

It is one of those pieces that tie everything together in a casual way.  Of course for it to be modern and chic, the jacket must be fitted.  (And to avoid being a fashion faux pas, you can never wear it with matching color bottom.) Since the one in my closet was "the boyfriend" one, it was time for me search for the perfect denim jacket for me.

After much hunting for the perfect one, and more importantly, for the perfect price, my mission was accomplished......

GAP Denim Jacket in Classic Wash - $69.50

I know, I really should be on payroll for the Gap, I happen to shop there often and do rave about their products A LOT. But what can I say, many of their pieces are classic and wear well.

Of course, we all know I didn't pay that price for it either, right?  I shopped on a Wednesday with the coupon given to me by the store employee on a past visit, and I bought this classic jacket for 45% off.

Total cost? $38.23


  1. WOW ... such a deal! And such a cute denim jacket ... perfect length! I need to pick one up too ... it's amazing how many different ways you can wear them! Thanks, darling CJ, for dropping by the blog! Like always, I left u a little love note for next time you're by! xoxo

  2. I've always felt that a jean jacket was a wardrobe must have, but in college my roomies always made fun of me for still wearing mine. It just goes w everything and is perfect for summer! (i'm still weird about denim on denim though)

  3. Such a perfect weight jacket for spring and summer and takes me back to college when I splurged on a ralph lauren one in faded denim stripes. I think I wore that thing out and wish I still had it.

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

    xo Mary Jo


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