Thursday, March 10, 2011

{Wardrobe Basics} The Black Blazer

3 years ago, I achieved my goal weight.  After carrying around 12 pregnancy pounds for four years after giving birth to Lil Man, I finally looked in the mirror and said, "Enough is Enough".  I started following the Weight Watchers program strictly (I had lost all of my 1st pregnancy weight this way after the birth of Lil Diva), and taking 3 mile walks around the reservoir 3 times a week.  I went down from a size 12 to a size 6/8 within a year. Perfect size in order to remain proportioned with my "well endowed" top half.

Of course this was an amazing accomplishment which I was extremely proud of.  But this also left me in quite the dilemma.  All of the clothes in my wardrobe needed to be replaced.  Ever seen a size 6/8 woman wearing size 12 clothing?  Not a pretty picture!

Instead of running out and going on a shopping frenzy, I decided to sit down and decide what did I want out of my "new" wardrobe.  With the exception of my "typical suburban mommy" years (the five years after giving birth to Lil Man), I was always the stylish New Yorker.  I always loved it.  And just because I now live in the suburbs of the Jersey Shore, it doesn't mean I can not still channel the native New Yorker inside of me.  Just because I am a stay at home mom, doesn't mean I can't step out with a polished look.  So, I decided I would start building a wardrobe that incorporates key pieces to achieve just that.

Enter the search for the black blazer.....

Before I continue with my story on finding the perfect black blazer for me, I must first share with you one little tidbit of information.....

Two of my fashion icons are Rachel Bilson and Victoria Beckham.  Of course they look amazing on the red carpet and at fashion shows.  But I mostly go nuts over their "everyday" attire.  Feminine, stylish, and classy....even in jeans.  One item you see repetitively in their attire is the basic black blazer.

This piece is "oh so versatile" too.  But, the best part of it.....throw on a black blazer over a dress, skirt, shorts, trousers, or jeans, and you have instantly transformed your look to one that says polished and sophisticated. 

Unfortunately, I can not afford the exact blazers Rachel and Victoria wear....maybe someday...when I win the lottery.  So, I started searching different sites online.  I also turned to Tiffani, the delightful author of style blog I follow religiously, Accidental Chic  for a few tips and suggestions.  Tiffani happens to be a personal stylist AND a New Yorker (bonus!).

My search led me to this affordable and stylish blazer....
GAP classic blazer $98

Now if you are regular reader of mine you KNOW I did not spend $98 on it..... you know it's seldom CJ ever pays full price for anything.

I searched for a GAP coupon code and we snagged this wardrobe basic for 25% off.  Final price?  $73.50.

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  1. Oh, CJ! You are a bargain finding goddess extraordinaire! These ladies look so effortlessly chic just as I know you will rockin' that blazer!

  2. That blazer is beautiful and it will look amazing on you for sure. Enjoy your day

  3. Know the feeling of having your mind set on the perfect item. But, to get some pennies off to - you rock! ;)