Tuesday, March 22, 2011

{Weekend Wrap Up} Late Edition/Party Pics!

This weekend was a whirlwind..... so much that I did have a couple of migraines but still managed to forge ahead and still have a smile on my face.

Seeing Lil Diva and Lil Man take the stage was amazing!  It was his debut, and once he got off the stage he ran to me and said, "Mom, I love it! Can't wait to start a new show!"  Gotta love how I have two that have the performing bug!

Not only was the performance something we were looking forward to, but Lil Diva's 12th birthday festivities.  Hard to imagine next year she will be a teenager! Where has the time gone?  After careful planning, creating, and baking, her French/Venetian theme (her choice, she is so chic) gathering turned out "magnifique".  Lil Diva and 4 of her friends made their very own Venetian masks, listened to music, and enjoyed their chocolate fountain and candy buffet, complete with chocolate mask pops, macarons, and white chocolate covered oreo cheesecake truffles.  All the guests were delighted with everything which made all the time spent baking and preparing for it well worth it!

Hope everyone had as great a weekend as I did.

I leave you with a few pics from the party.... (for privacy purposes, I painted over Lil Diva's name on the birthday banner I created.)

Lil Diva's Birthday Candy Buffet Table

Chocolate covered Oreo Cheesecake truffles, cotton candy rock candy pops, 
strawberry/cotton candy flavored jelly bellys, strawberry puffs
Eiffel Tower figurine purchased @ Target dollar spot

Chocolate Venetian Masks pops, Hershey Kisses, Gumballs, Rock Candy Pops, raspberry macarons

Red Velvet Cupcakes
The Venetian Mask we purchased for Lil Diva that served as the 
starting point for her birthday party theme inspiration.

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  1. I absolutely LOVE this!! What a lucky daughter to have such a fabulous mom. I love the decor, sweets and theme. Love it so much I am going to put it on my 'Entertain' Pinterest board.